Car Parks



The Parking P1 is the cheapest one at the Airport: with 240 car stands, it’s 600 mt. far from the Terminal. There is a free shuttle bus connection between the Terminal and the parking, P1 and P3. Cash and Credit Cards accepted, payment can be made directly at the automatic cash machine. It is possible to exit within 30 minutes from the payment. 15 minutes free stop.

Up to 15 min. €  0,00
Up to 12 h €  8,00
From 12 to 24 h € 13,00
Up to two days € 25,00
Up to three days € 35,00
Up to four days € 45,00
Up to five days € 55,00
Up to six days € 65,00
Special rate until the 7th day € 65,00
From the 7° day onwards, and for each fraction € 10,00 to be added to the special rate


P2 – Terminal

It is the most convenient car park of the Palermo Airport.

770 parking spaces are located directly in front of the terminal connected by covered or uncovered footpaths. You can pay (cash, credit cards, debit cards) can be made at the cash machines located inside the terminal, in the Arrivals Hall exit, and inside the Car Park itself or at the 24H Car Valet payment point. After payment there is a time allowance of 15 minutes for exit the car park.

Up to 15 min. €  0,00
Up to 1 h €  3,00
From 1 to 2 h   €  6,00
From 2 to 3 h   €  8,00
From 3 to 12 h   € 10,00
From 12 to 18 h   € 16,00
From 18 to 24 h   € 18,00
Every successive 12 h or fraction €  9,00                                                  


P3 – Low Cost

260 parking spaces, the new p3 car park is located at a distance of 700 mt. from the terminal, with a free shuttle bus service available.
After payment there is a time allowance of 30 minutes for exit the car park. Cash machines are available in the p3 car park (cash and cards) as well as in the terminal.

Up to 15 min. €   0,00
Up to 12 h €   7,00
From 12 to 24 h €   10,00
Up to two days €   18,00
Up to three days €   26,00
Up to four days €   36,00
Up to five days €   44,00
Up to six days €   52,00
Special rate until the 7th day €   55,00
From the 7° day onwards, and for each fraction € 8,00 to be added to the special rate


Car Valet – attended car park with 24h operator assistance
Mainly reserved for business customers. It entails picking up and dropping off the vehicle on a set day and at a set time with the option of booking a parking space.

For rates
Tel: +39.091.7044019

The car park area is attended, covered and protected with video-surveillance as well as being manned day and night by dedicated staff members. Additional services for your vehicle may be available upon request and at a separate rate. “Quick Membership Card” holders are entitled to special rates and benefits.



The easiest and quickest way to pay is at the car park exit barrier (credit card only).

(either in cash or by credit card) located at the Arrivals and inside the Car Park.

(cash, debit card, credit card) located in the Car Valet area.

infoline at your disposal in the Car Valet area: +39.091.7020200

 Unattended Car Park Regulations

General terms for online booking and sale service




Tourist Bus Parking

Up to 3 hours € 5
Each following hour or fraction € 1

The hourly rate will be recalculated for each additional subsequent day.