Fast Track

The Fast track is a reserved passage through a dedicated infrastructure located to the right of the security controls area reserved for airport operators, which allows directly and faster to the boarding area through a privileged route, avoiding the queues at security checks. lt is active every day from 5.00 to 21.30.

The use of the Fast track is reserved to passengers holding cards of the airlines that have entered into a special agreement for entering the VIP lounge of the airport of Palermo, provided with boarding pass.

According to the current security procedures, the following categories of passengers are also admitted lo transit and security checks through the “Fast track and AUTHORIZED CATEGORIES” passage:

  • PRM (Passengers with reduced mobility);
  • Pacemaker bearers;
  • Diplomatic staff;
  • General Aviation passengers;
  • Passengers with boarding cards and I or “PRIORITY” markers that enable Fast Track;
  • Organized groups of passengers (school groups, sports teams) accompanied by law enforcement forces or at the express request of the same;
  • Personnel belonging to the Law Enforcement Forces who travel armed and must carry out the formalities to report they are bearing a legal weapon;

Fast Track tickets can be purchased at the Airport Ticket Office for € 4 each (included VAT), or online on the Gesap website clicking this link for € 3,50 each
Passengers entitled to enter the fast lane:
Passengers with boarding card that enable Fast Track (Ryanair, Brussels Airlines, Scandinavian Airlines)
Vip Lounge Passengers (e.g. Aegean Airlines, Air France, Air Italy, Alitalia, British Airways, Dragonpass)
Priority Pass, American Express, Ufirst


Children under 12 accompanied by an adult authorized to access Fast Track, as well as pregnant women can access the Fast Track service free of charge.

Gesap will not be liable for any inconvenience to passengers arising from a large number of users of the Fast Track service.