GES.A.P. SpA is the management company for the Falcone-Borsellino International Airport of Palermo; its share capital amounts to 66,850,026.85 Euros, fully paid up and subdivided into 1,294,289 shares of 51.65 Euros each and is split between the Città Metropolitana of Palermo, the Town Council of Palermo, the Chamber of Commerce of Palermo, the Town Council of Cinisi, Confindustria (General Confederation of Italian Industry) of Palermo and other minor shareholders.

As an airport operator, GESAP designs, constructs and manages airport areas, infrastructures and equipment dealing with all required maintenance and implementation activities and also providing centralised services such as, airport coordination activities, information systems and information provision to the public, airport surveillance and security and the provision of trade services, either directly or by granting concessions to third parties.

Originally incorporated in 1985, the Company only acted as a handler (aircraft ground handling provider) up to 1994 since at the time the Italian State was directly in charge of managing Palermo Airport via the local bureau of the Airport Management.

Then in 1994, GESAP was granted a twenty-year licence for the partial management of the Airport which was limited to the landside areas (air terminal and its appurtenances); subsequently, in April 1999, under article 17 of Law 135/97, it was awarded before time the airside management too, thus compounding its duties with the responsibility of flight infrastructure (runways, connecting taxiways, road links, main taxiways and apron).

With Interministerial Decree MIT /MEF n. 119T, in August 2007 GESAP was granted full management of Palermo Airport for forty years.

In December 2008, CERMET issued GES.A.P.with Environmental Quality Certification in accordance with UNI ISO 14001 standards. This certification was last renewed in November 2015.

Approved by the ENAC Board of Directors in July 2010, in January 2012 GESAP signed a Programming Contract for the regulatory period 2011/2014; this works as an important planning tool over a four-year period to regulate tariff trends for the use of airport infrastructure based on the infrastructure investment plan and the environmental protection and quality plan for the management company and traffic estimates for the reference period.